2019-03-19 Meeting notes


19 Mar 2019




  • Follow up on actions from 12 February 2019 meeting.
  • Notes from previous meeting on 12 February 2019 were accepted as an accurate recording

Discussion items

During the meeting the HL7 AU O&O Working Group discussed the following actions:

  1. SPIA Promotional opportunities:
    • HL7 Australia event planned for 15-16 April with Connectathon but no program as yet
    • Insufficient time for HL7 O&O members to rearrange schedules to attend April meeting
    • Propose HL7 Australia meeting on 31 May 2019 at RCPA Prof Alan BP Ng Ed Centre (VC confirmed venue availability)
    • 31 May meeting proposed topics: 1) Overview of HL7 V2 standard 2) Compliance testing application 3) Virtual Medical Record 4) PITUS overview including standardisation and harmonisation in pathology & contributions to messaging standards 5) Current barriers to interoperability 6) Demonstration of good form HL7 V2 vs bad 6) Structured pathology reporting V2 & FHIR 7) Secure messaging 8) Medications management from HL7 AU perspective
    • Following HL7 Australia meeting, propose 1-hour PITUS wg meeting with focus on the future e.g. FHIR (anyone welcome to attend)

 2. Query currency of AS 4700.3-2005/Amendment 2-2006 (Implementation of HL7 V 2.4 Electronic messages for exchange of information on drug prescriptions) – deprecated?       

 3. JD undertook detailed review of work re variations listed in AO’s spreadsheet with focus on codes that are currently used.  AS 4700.1.2.4 – 2014 is still available for use and causes confusion; Without Standards Australia to drive change, suggest ADHA could promote deprecation of this standard to HL7 Australia.  Critical for interoperability that all pathology vendors utilise the same standards as per agreement with MSIA, ADHA & HL7 AU Technical working group etc in 2018 meeting.  All proposed rectifications and associated definitions were accepted.

Next meeting: Tuesday 14 May 2019 11:00 - 12:00 AEST

Meeting actions